Snow Field
Snow Field

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Snow field the state of the art atmospheric cold store in Chennai is a milestone in the management of preserving perishable products. It is a boon to importers, exporters and dealers in perishable products like, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, packed foods, medicines etc.

The preservation of these products is possible by determining and maintaining the right temperature and humidity in the storage .snow field achieves this by using the latest technology and expertise from the international leaders in the field :

Structural insulated sandwich panels of polyurethane foam and galvaline sheets as per British & European standards.
Evaporators with a TD of 4’c to reduce the loss of the water content in the products.
Refrigeration systems which are highly versatile to change of temperature are used to maintain the right temperature automatically.
Catalytic converter of effectively remove the ethylene produced in the vegetables and fruits.
5 different chambers to maintain different temperature as per the requirement of the product.

Strategically located – in Chennai Bangalore high way, 20 kms from the airport, 20 kms from the seaport and 6 kms from koyambedu whole sale fruits & vegetable market.
The storage has a capacity of 3300 M Tones, snow field has introduced bar coding system for easy and scientific movement of goods & computerized billing.